Faith Development For Children:.
  • Sunday School for young children and tweens is offered following the Children's Message on alternating Sundays.
    • Nursery:  Our babies are always welcome in the sanctuary throughout the service. There are loving arms and rocking chairs which allow for an incarnational presence (sounds included!) so that our youngest children can sense themselves to be an invaluable part of the PPC congregation. If you need separate nursery care please contact our office administrator with your request. 
      • Our general learning goals for nursery aged children are:
        • To experience kindness and care in a safe and clean environment
        • To have early exposure to loving images of God as expressed through caring adults
        • To utilize resources such as Christian board books, stories, coloring pages and playtime while parents are able to worship in the sanctuary
    • Pre-K through 6th Grade: Our pre-K to grade two class offers lessons with age-appropriate options for engaging with the biblical stories.  Children in this age range learn through hand-on-activities and enjoy routines and rituals.  Their developing motor skills are encouraged in the sessions with songs, finger plays, group activities, and simple craft projects.  The bi-weekly material uses interactive storytelling, drama, and art images to explore Bible stories and make Christian education fund for young children.  Curriculum is designed to nurture the development of faith through age-appropriate Bible stories.  Most importantly, spiritual development is nurtured not just through these rituals but also through relationship with caring adults in the congregation and with their peers as they create community, share in worship and learning week after week.  
    • Our general learning goals for Grades pre-K-2 are:
      • To know the names, colors and some symbols of the seasons of the church year
      • To begin to explore the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit
      • To gain confidence in praying both in a group setting and personally
      • To understand that God creates the world and expects us to take care of it
      • To begin to connect stories of Jesus and acts of worship and service
      • To experience (indirectly) concepts of Reformed theology and practice
    • Our general learning goals for Grades 3-6:
      • To learn and internalize familiar Bible stories and reference skills
      • To begin to explore concepts of Reformed theology and practice
      • To explore promises Christians make to God and to one another
      • To begin to recognize key words from the liturgy
      • To participate in the worship and service of the church
    • Our general learning goals for Jr. and Sr. High Youth are: 
      • to provide resources and opportunities to actively explore the scriptures and to encourage the development of communication skills to share this good news
      • To encourage them to use their imaginations and life experiences as they develop biblical knowledge, ask questions, and explore the faith tradition of others
      • To deepen their spirituality and explore their faith through activiites and classes that encourages engagement with people of all ages in the congregation
      • To promote the development of leadership skills and encourage young people to serve in the local and global ministries of the church
      • To encourage and train youth to assume a more visible, active role in worship, mission and fellowship of the church.
Faith Development For Adults:
  • Adult Education is offered most weeks following worship and fellowship time.
          At the adult stage of Faith Development there is great diversity in the Church for any group of adults which contains individuals with a variety of faith stances and different faith stages. Not all adults think alike or have the same learning needs and styles. While some may enjoy “hands on” activities, projects, or the arts, others may value teaching, preaching or discussion time to grow in their walk with God.  Some adults continue to be literal and concrete in their faith interpretation. Others move to more symbolic and abstract understandings.
    Friday Nooma Group is also a dynamic option for adults.  The group meets for dinner, video, and discussion on select Friday evenings. All are welcome. 
          The faith formation environment adults experienced as children and teens will also determine in part how they interpret and synthesize biblical concepts and spiritual content. Some adults inquire further beyond the faith tradition and stories they have been given from their family of origin. Others may be fine accepting what has been given them without investigating further. This exploration though is an important stage of their Christian journey so it is valuable to consider these various faith stages when working with adults.


    Our general learning goals for adults are: 
    • To come to truly owning a personal faith on their own terms.
    • To move from the literal and conventional to a more symbolic understanding of faith (even as they commonly report just loving the children’s sermon!)
    • To provide opportunities for discipleship and fellowship. For adults, even as with adolescents, mentors and friends are important faith companions, guiding as well as struggling with each other on life’s often challenging path.
    • To provide a variety of learning options to grow in their faith. Adults can benefit from a variety of both quiet and active learning opportunities. They appreciate opportunities to discuss the Bible and exchange ideas about what it might mean for their lives.
    • To provide for opportunities to be engaged in the ministry of the church at local congregational and community levels as well as with global issues.
      • (Spiritual Formation Opportunities are offered throughout the year in a variety of time slots.  New offerings are listed in the events section of this website).
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